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The First Ob visit-preview of important forms


1st obstetrical visit forms in adobe format /  vcwh


Our "handouts" for new Obstetrical patients


Other important information / VCWH
About our practice / VCWH
Common Complaints / VCWH
Food Safety / vcwh
billing information and fees /  vcwh
Labwork and testing /  vcwh
The most important information and instructions /  vcwh
Our Physicians /  vcwh
Handouts all combined-adobe format (recommended) /  vcwh


Internal medicine first visit forms

First visit internal medicine forms in adobe format
First visit internal medicine forms in word format

Demographic form
Prescription for blood work prior to annual exam

Swine flu information

Swine (H1N1) flu information /  vcwh


How To Tell When Labor Begins
Planning Your Pregnancy
Prenatal care, Labor & Delivery, Postpartum Care / weblink
Cystic Fibrosis-Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis
Screening for Birth Defects
Labor Induction
Breech Presentation/Version
Bleeding During Pregnancy
Repeated Miscarriage
Monitoring Fetal Health During Pregnancy
Seizure Disorders in Pregnancy
Easing Back Pain During Pregnancy
High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
Travel in Pregnancy
Car Safety for You and Your Baby
Special Tests for Monitoring Fetal Health
Group B Streptococcus and Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy

Getting in Shape After Your Baby Is Born
Nutrition In Pregnancy
Preterm Labor
Early Preterm Birth
Reducing Your Risk of Birth Defects
Diagnosing Birth Defects
Genetic disorders
Morning Sickness
Postpartum Depression
Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery
Cesarean Birth
Routine Tests During Pregnancy
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section
Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labor
Later Childbearing
Having Twins
Postdates Pregnancy
Diabetes in Prenancy
Breastfeeding Your Baby
Newborn Circumcision
How Your Baby Grows During Pregnancy
The Rh Factor-How It Can Affect Your Pregnancy
Skin Conditions During Pregnancy
Cord Blood Banking


Ectopic Pregnancy


Endometriosis treatment-Lupron website /  WebLink

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation Link /  WebLink

Understanding cervical changes-NIH /  WebLink

Understanding Breast Changes-NIH /  WebLink


Evista website /  WebLink

Adolescent Gynecology



information on sterilizaion

depo-provera /  WebLink

link to Paraguard IUD site /  WebLink

link to Nuvaring website /  WebLink

Mirena projesterone IUD website /  WebLink


Endometrial Ablation/Thermachoice /  WebLink


Link to American Society for Reproductive Medicine /  WebLink

Another source for information on various topics

Link to Up to Date site /  WebLink





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